Pamphlets and Texts

Heart of Winter (Book) (CSP 2016) – Three years in the making, Heart of Winter comprises a series of found poems assembled from notes written by ethnologist Knud Rasmussen and botanist Dr. Thorild Wulff during an expedition charting a little-known area of the far north-western coast of Greenland in 1917.  The poems are accompanied by a selection of Inuit songs, originally documented by Knud Rasmussen and published as Snehyttens Sange in 1930. Rasmussen’s Danish versions are republished here alongside Richardson’s new English translations. Heart of Winter is illustrated with a selection of botanical prints of the flora of Greenland noted by Dr. Wulff, as well as beautiful black and white expedition photographs.

An Altar of Sunlight (CSP 2015) – Written in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at Imbolc, 2015, this limited-edition pamphlet is a hymn to the light photosynthesised by trees and its latent energy which is released upon burning.

Memorious Earth: A Longitudinal Study (with Richard Skelton, CSP 2015) – A five-year poetic survey of the Cumbrian upland landscapes, incorporating all their previously published (and now out-of-print) text works alongside full colour photographs, notes and bibliographies. It also unveils two new poem sequences, Of the Elm Decline and The Medicine Earth.

Reliquiae Volume 2 (CSP 2014)Three found-poems based upon the journals of Danish ethnographer and explorer Knud Rasmussen.

Heart of Winter (CSP 2013) – An edition of prints and two hand-sewn pamphlets comprising sequences of found-poems: Across the Inland-Ice and The Last Diary Entries of Dr. Thorild Wulff. These poems were assembled from notes written by ethnologist Knud Rasmussen and botanist Dr. Thorild Wulff during their travels charting a little-known area of the far north-western coast of Greenland in 1917.

Wolfhou (with Richard Skelton, CSP 2013)- Recommended in the 2013 Guardian Best Books by author and Booker Prize judge Robert MacFarlane.

Relics (with Richard Skelton, CSP 2013) – A further installment in a series of works which began with Wolf Notes (2010), concerning the upland environment around Devoke Water in south-west Cumbria, UK.

Reliquiae Volume 1 (CSP 2013) – Four Inuit Songs – These were originally recorded in Danish by ethnologist Knud Rasmussen at the turn of the 20th century. They were also published in Canadian poetry journal Contemporary Verse 2 (Winter 2014: Volume 36, Issue 3).

Boreal (CSP 2012) – An extended text piece invoking the boreal forests of northern Canada. Limited-edition, hand-sewn pamphlet in a letterpressed folder.

Crossing the Interior (CSP 2012) – Meditations upon a singular passage into the interior northlands of Canada. Limited-edition, hand-sewn pamphlet in a letterpressed folder.

Field Notes (Volume I) (with Richard Skelton, CSP 2011) – This volume gathers together the out-of-print titles from the Field Notes series and adds a new collection, The Flowering Rock, written in the Burren, County Clare, on the west coast of Ireland.

Wolf Notes (with Richard Skelton, CSP 2010) – Fifth in the Field Notes series. Text and music for the landscape, place-names, flora and fauna of Ulpha, in Cumbria, northern England.

Induviae (CSP 2009)- A limited-edition, hand-sewn pamphlet of ‘Wood Notes’; singular details and observations written during time spent in St. Helen’s Wood, Sussex, England.

Typography of the Shore (with Richard Skelton, CSP 2008) – The origin pamphlet in the Field Notes series. A limited-edition, hand-sewn pamphlet of poems written for Tentsmuir Beach, Fife, Scotland.

Literary Journals

Two Poems – Reliquiae Vol 4, Corbel Stone Press, 2016
Taiga – The Accidental Archive, 2016
An Altar of Sunlight – Poetry Anthology # 2, Vanguard Editions, 2016
Coven – Carte Blanche, Issue 24: Summer 2015
Relics (with Richard Skelton) – Five Dials: A Literary Magazine, Summer 2015
Three Found Poems – Reliquiae Vol 2, 2014
– The Fieldstone Review, University of Saskatchewan, Summer 2014
Go to the Pine – ‘Wordsworth and Basho: Walking Poets’ exhibition catalogue, 2014
Across the Inland-Ice – Freefall Magazine, Volume XXIV Number 1, Winter 2014
Four Inuit Songs – Contemporary Verse 2, Winter/Hiver 2014: Volume 36, Issue 3
Notes – ROOM Magazine, Winter 2013 Issue: Volume 36.4
Induviae & Crossing the Interior – The Goose (ALECC) November 2013
Four Inuit Songs – Reliquiae Vol 1, Corbel Stone Press, 2013
Camp 4 – Contemporary Verse 2, Spring/Printemps 2013: Volume 35, Issue 4
Passage – Earthlines Magazine, Issue 3: November 2012
Traces – Carte Blanche, Issue 16: Fall 2012
The Interior – Orbis Literary Journal, Nov/Dec 2011