Sample Poems

from Heart of Winter
The land is dry and even to walk on
but barren and naked as a desert;
a karst landscape which sacrifices
all water to its depths.

We’ve found the jaw-bone of a musk-ox,
and near to this, a fossilized piece
of an octopus from the Silurian period.

The vegetation is accordingly;
a few poppies, small stunted grasses,
mosses and lichens – but no animal life.

Only a lone wolf had long ago
left his imprint in the clay.

Heart of Winter
Corbel Stone Press 2016


I am surrounded by
the appearance of emptiness
but there are shapes stirring
in the blue-blackness
murmurings beneath granite
and roots

a bruise stretches beneath
staining its colours
through water and stone
and I am tied to it, tied to this
hidden life.

The Accidental Archive:
Volume 2, 2016


Across the Inland-Ice
The transport was difficult
and of long duration,
partly across firns, partly across
snow-drifts, but today
we got out of the cauldron.

On both sides
high mountains fall
into a valley of snow.

Yet we’ve found great,
beautiful branches of coral
etched into stone –
signifying that even here,
within this heart of winter,
waves of a living ocean once lapped.

And thus, whilst century follows
century, there is only change.

Freefall Magazine:
Vol. XXIV Number 1 Winter 2014


What words can I send from here
at the end of all habitation?
A landscape of talus; white sky arcing over
grey, undulating stone. Some few filaments
of scrub-birch, scrub-willow.

There is a criss-cross of trails – pale
scars over the land – where hooves once
pounded and sparked in their millions.

Now it is quiet.

Lichens stretch beneath the sky
or wait beneath snow, and only
the wind migrates, only winter
blooms and flourishes.

Room Magazine:
Vol. 36.4 Winter 2013